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Parco Capital was founded in 2017 with a mission and goal to help small and mid-size businesses raise unlimited capital for "Low-interest rates with long terms" and gain access to the funds to keep their business growing and achieve goals.

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We have partnered with top lenders in multiple industries and sectors to match you with the right provider to bring you the best rates and seamless process. Check out some of the great options that we offer and the industries that we support.


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Industries we support

Restaurant and Bars

Restaurant and Bars Equipment financing and funding is our Specialty and we understand the importance of capital that is required to operate a Restaurant and a Bar to serve your customers better.    


Capital in the construction industry involves a critical role in the process of completing the work and we are here to help you from Funding to Financing heavy equipment etc. 

Trucking & Equipment

Towing, Trucks, Long Haul, etc. Industry users may find it hard to get funding to expand or to purchase the equipment.

We are here to help you get capital or finance Refinance your equipment to get the money you need to operate and grow.

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

Healthcare Equipment Financing, Ambulances, Office supply, Or capital to expand to provide better care to the patients.

We understand the importance of capital that is required to operate a healthcare facility and we're here to help you get that Funding. 

Retail and shop

Get a line of credit for a start-up or working capital term loan for your retail business.

Use it to make payroll, Rent, Bills, and more.


Manufacturing facility requires up to date equipment for a smoother production and efficiency. 

We're experienced with heavy equipment CNC etc. or basic equipment Financing or leasing and understand the needs of this industry and here to help you get the right financing that matches your needs. 


We have funding options for software to finance or lease the software and not pay in full when purchasing them and always stay up to date with technology and software. 


E-commerce based Businesses may find it hard to raise capital for their online business due to risk.

we are experienced in funding this industry with unique loans snd special terms. 

"Don't let lack of funding be the reason to not   follow your dreams and achieve your goals" 
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